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The Mailtraq Web and FTP Servers

Running a company wide Intranet can be the ideal solution for information sharing. If you need to provide access to information throughout your organisation, why not take advantage of the browser technology already available on your machines?

Web Server
The Web Server is a standards compliant HTTP server that gives you the ability to create a web site within your organisation. Mailtraq even provides facilities to index your pages so that users can search for information.

In combination with the FTP server, users can easily administrate their own regions of the Intranet.

In addition, whenever the machine operator or other software makes an Internet connection, Mailtraq can detect this and use the on-line time for e-mail delivery and other services. This can dramatically reduce your on-line requirements and costs.

FTP Server
The Mailtraq FTP (File Tansfer Protocol) server is an extremely efficient means of providing shared access to files on your Intranet. It is also an ideal support service for building web sites, as most HTML page editors can deliver pages to the server via FTP.

Mailtraq can also proxy FTP access, allowing connections to be carried to other FTP servers using a variety of setup methods.

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