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Mailtraq Content Barring

The Content Barring facility provides safe access to the Internet for your users by dynamically monitoring content.

The Content Barring facility monitors both proxy traffic and e-mails handled by Mailtraq. It operates on both a blacklist/whitelist (where administrators explicitly list unwanted sources) and a (user defined) phraselist. The built-in phraselist is effective against explicit material, but administrators can easily add phrases to deal with other issues.

There is practically no performance hit when Content Barring is in operation.


When an inappropriate web page is detected, Mailtraq can ban just the page, that portion of the web site, or the entire web site. Administrators can be notified immediately, and a periodic report can be presented.

When an inappropriate e-mail is detected, it can be moved to another mailbox for inspection by an administrator. Configuration is simple and can be quickly updated should a user require access to a restricted site.


Templates and Scripting

Mailtraq uses a number of automatically generated messages (such as delivery failure warnings, welcome messages for new mailing list subscribers, etc). Administrators can edit any of these, and cusomise them for specific objects (such as lists). In addition, Mailtraq scripting facilities can be incorporated into templates.

The scripting language allows you to customise Mailtraq to your precise requirements. Whether you want to access files outside Mailtraq for automatic respones, process messages generated by Web Forms, or access databases -- the scripting language provides a means to do all this.

You can attach plug-ins to extend Mailtraq's facilities, allowing you to write your extensions in any language you choose. These facilities provide maximum customisation for any situation.

Potential for Third-party support is huge, and developers are already working on providing additional software that can be integrated into Mailtraq using the scripts to control them.

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