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The Mailtraq E-Mail Services

At the heart of Mailtraq is it's Mail Server, which efficiently receives and delivers mail, both for local machines and to Internet recipients. Mailtraq's full standards compliance means operation cannot be easier.

The mail server handles mailboxes for any number of users (or purposes). These mailboxes can be accessed by the POP3 protocol, which is currently the most popular method for mail access, supported by practically every mail client available. Mail can be left on the server, or downloaded to the user's own machine.

  Powerful administration facilities allow you to automatically expire mail that has been left in the mailbox too long, to reduce resource demand without having to persuade the users to do this themselves. Mailtraq also provides a number of secretarial duties. If the user hasn't collected their mail within the specified time, a copy can be forwarded to someone else to get their attention fast.  

For older clients, Mailtraq can also gateway mail addressed to specific users to a KA9Q style directory. This permits users on a non TCP/IP network to access their mail without having to upgrade their software.

Each user can also have a number of aliases, which can be very useful for users who wish to maintain different identities (particularly on the News Services). In addition, aliases can be shared by other users forming mini user groups (where a mailing list is unnecessary). Users can have all their mail forwarded to another location (temporarily, or permanently) if they prefer, which is ideal for making sure that even when they are at home their mail follows them.

Mail Collection
This allows Mailtraq to go looking for your mail instead of waiting for it to arrive. Some service providers only supply mail via POP3, which is only really suitable for a single user. Perhaps some of your users wish to collect mail from their own ISP accounts too. Mailtraq can have any number of remote POP3 collection points to which it will regularly visit and collect new mail.

This facility is particularly powerful, in that instead of blindly downloading all new mail, you can have certain messages filtered out, and go and fetch them only after you have seen the preview. Great for avoiding those 15mb accidents... In fact, you can have a summary posted to a specific user, to which all they have to do is reply in order to select messages to download.

This is the idea way to share mail between different installations. Mail can be left on the remote server, or deleted after download. It won't be downloaded a second time, but other sites collecting from the same source (such as users working from home) can still access it.

Messages collected in this method can still be routed to different mailboxes, even if you only have a single POP3 account.

Mail Routing
Mailtraq provides powerful message routing facilities to support both direct to ISP delivery, routing via Mail Exchanges, and local area network routing. Messages are delivered to hosts in parallel streams for the most efficient delivery possible.

Alternative routes and fallback methods can be configured, and where routes are temporarily unavailable, Mailtraq can continue trying and keep the original sender notified of problems and delays.

If you wish to configure your own mail routes, Mailtraq can accommodate with explicit mail routing to both Internet and local mail servers.
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