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The Mailtraq Proxy Services

Mailtraq Proxy Service can make it possible to browse the web, access remote mailboxes, collect news, access FTP sites, use Telnet, and many other functions from any machine on your network, using only one dialup connection to the Internet.

The Web Proxy

This service appears to the local network to be a web server, and page requests made to the proxy are forwarded to other servers on the Internet. Most web browsers support the use of web proxies, making it possible to operate your entire network through a single Internet connection.

When a user wishes to browse a page not available on the local network, their browser requests the page from Mailtraq. If Mailtraq's machine is not currently connected to the Internet, it can initiate a dialup connection and then pass on the request to the appropriate machine. Mailtraq can handle any number of simultaneous connections, and can automatically disconnect from a dialup connection when it is no longer needed. This works in harmony with your mail and news services, so while you are browsing, your colleague can use the same telephone time to collect new e-mail.

The Big Benefit is cost effectiveness. Mailtraq provides a comprehensive proxy service that covers far more than simply web services, and such a facility is usually found in very expensive and highly demanding software. And like every service that Mailtraq provides, you'll have it configured in seconds.

The advantage over a network router (a hardware device similar to a modem) is...

  • You can control what clients can access, and monitor their activity
  • You can manage the dialup, reducing telephone or on-line costs, and sharing the cost of a single connection amongst all the clients
  • Access is secure, since outside machines can only access the Mailtraq server (which provides firewall protection for all its services)

The Web Proxy also supports FTP requests through HTTP. For example, Mailtraq can accommodate type links accessed through web browsers.

FTP Proxy
The Mailtraq FTP Proxy allows FTP clients to connect to remote FTP Servers in a similar fashion to the web proxy.

Mailtraq's FTP Proxy provides access control through the user accounting system, and allows clients to negotiate the proxy setup using a variety of common methods.

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