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Archives and Auto-Responders

A unique facility, the Public Archives allow users to request messages that are stored in them. Auto-Responders allow Mailtraq to automatically answer e-mail messages with pre-defined responses.

Archives are the ideal way to support discussion forums (where users can examine older messages), or to provide a number of standard documents on request. In addition, some of these documents can be templates (using the scripting facilities) that automatically execute when retrieved. The ideal way to connect to a database and get the latest prices!

Archives can be configured as mailing list subscribers to automatically add delivered messages, and both retrieval and addition access can be limited to specific users.

M ailtraq can provide automatic response to messages in a variety of ways. The archives can respond automatically with default messages, or use the subject line to return a specific message. Mailing lists can acknowledge all posted messages automatically with a user defined script or message.

Dialup Services

The Mailtraq Dialup services manage connections to your Internet Service Providers, and other remote computers. The service either uses Windows Dial-Up Networking (RAS) or works in conjunction with Network Routers and third-party services.

The dialup service allows Mailtraq to connect to the Internet automatically with comprehensive scheduling, or on demand (such as when Mail is awaiting delivery or a user needs to browse the World Wide Web).

Mailtraq supports multiple dialup connections, with fallback where a service provider supplies multiple numbers.

In addition, whenever the machine operator or other software makes an Internet connection, Mailtraq can detect this and use the on-line time for e-mail delivery and other services. This can dramatically reduce your on-line requirements and costs.

Mailtraq works effectively with ISDN terminal adaptors and routers, although Mailtraq can more precisely control an ISDN T/A and reduce the need for a more costly router. Mailtraq can make frequent, brief connections that suit ISDN and it's billing style.

Permanent Connections
Mailtraq also operates effectively with a permanent Internet connection. Since it is a fully compliant Internet server, other mail servers can connect directly for mail delivery, further improving the reliability of e-mail.

Mailtraq can be configured with virtual scheduled dialup, whereby it operates according to schedule rules by leaves the connection management to the router. This is substantially more cost-efficient than using a router alone, where every e-mail related event may require a dialup. In every test, using a proxy server proves cheaper than a network router.

Mailtraq logs dialup activity, both through the general purpose event logging service and through customised Dialup usage reports.

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