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WinProxy Features For Small Business & Corporate Clients


How do you get your Small Business or Corporation online with ultimate connectivity and security, while limiting the liabilities and loss of productivity provided by Internet access? —Get WinProxy

Optimize Your High-Speed Internet Connection
Simultaneously connect the entire office to the Internet with one Internet connection, eliminate multiple dial-ups, IP addresses and hardware. Supports any TCP/IP connection including: Modems, T1-T3, DSL, Cable, ISDN, Frame Relay and Wireless.
Secure Your Network from Viruses
Employee productivity is key. When your network goes down due to viruses, valuable time and money are lost. WinProxy guards against malicious code in email attachments and Internet downloads stopping Net-borne viruses before they reach your network.*
Keep Employees Productive & Limit Your Liability
Limit your liability by making sure that the information viewed by employees is "clean". Provide employees access to the Internet, yet keep them focused with site whitelisting, blacklisting and site filtering.*
Secure Firewall
Stop intruders and protect your network with WinProxy's steath firewall. You can also use WinProxy's firewall to set up secure internal workgroups for ultimate internal security of sensitive data.
Gain Productivity by Caching
Most company employees access the same pages on a regular basis. WinProxy caches the sites that you surf, speeding up your Internet connection and making bandwidth available for other activities.
Administrator Controls
WinProxy puts you in control of the network. Configure your firewall security levels, route internal subnets, change user access levels, log or monitor activity, map ports and filters. Lock the network down or open up access, you decide.
Single Point of Management
WinProxy installs on just one of your network PC's with no loading special client software. It contains a DHCP server and an Intelligent Install Wizard to make installation simple.

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* Virus protection and site filtering are included free with purchase of WinProxy for the first 6 months. Purchase of subscription is necessary after this period to use these features.
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