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Virtual Server Hosting

Peace of mind built in.
We are Total Internet Solution Providers - which means when you deal with us you deal with us alone. And you do so with confidence.

Our job is to maximise your uptime through robust Internet connections, uninterruptable power supplies, continuous hard drive mirroring, and 24 hour server maintenance (to eliminate the risk of hardware failure).

MagnaCom's Virtual Servers are Hosted on separate circuits with two independent backbone providers. And our main connection is through INSNET - the UK's third largest corporate Internet access provider. INSNET delivers lightning-fast connectivity to both the US and European Internet networks and guarantees no downtime on its core network.

Unparalleled security.
All virtual servers offer unique IP addresses - but the levels of security and dedicated resources of many providers are questionable. Because users cannot see other accounts on the same computer you can be sure your password file and other valuable system files are protected.

The power you demand - and plenty in reserve.
Typically, at any one time, each Virtual Server requires 8MB of RAM on a Pentium 233 MMX server. But we deliver much more.

We are currently using 400Mhz Pentium II servers with 512MB of RAM. And although each server could easily hold 80 Virtual Server accounts, we have imposed our own limit of 60 Virtual Servers per Network Server.

The core services with each Virtual Server include HTTP (webserver), DNS (nameserver), FTP, Telnet, POP3/Email forwarding and other third party extensions.

Exactly What You Need
The package was specifically designed with Web Designers, Internet Developers and Resellers in mind. MagnaCom gives you full access to your own Apache webserver and complete configuration files. When a request is made to an address starting with http://, your webserver responds with the relevant web page. Apache utilises Virtual Hosting, which allows multiple domain names to be served from a single IP Address. With your Virtual Server account from MagnaCom, you can register and configure multiple domains, each with its own separate document folder. This allows you to provide your clients with a more professional presence on the web. ie: - rather than You can add FrontPage server extensions to your Apache server if required, as well as php modules and mySQL. You get a massive 1Gb of bandwidth a month and then we charge you just 5p/Mb thereafter if you go over. We back this up with heavily discounted domain Registration. We can do this because our admin costs are reduced by putting you in the driving seat, you control e-mail and web hosting/forwarding options.

When using our Virtual Server package you can use our nameservers (, name servers are used to resolve Domain Names to a unique number known as an IP (Internet Protocol) address. For a one-off fee of 150 you can have your own personalised name-servers (e.g. and We still administer the DNS in the same way there is no further knowledge needed on your part, it does further heighten your professional image on a whois query and to clients.

MagnaCom's Virtual Server system allows you to create extra users on your account who can access restricted directories, with imposed quotas all at no extra cost to you - clients can therefore ftp in to their own directory themselves to make amendments. We give you a master account which allows you ftp access to all areas of your virtual server.

Telnet is your way of logging in to your Virtual Server from wherever you are to administer your configurations, edit files, change permissions and execute programs. Those who make use of CGI find this essential, and we give you a host of scripts you can install on your server as well as the ability to install your own of course.

E-mail is easy to administer via your virtual server, you can create unlimited aliases to either pop accounts you create on your Virtual Server with MagnaCom or to any accounts with another ISP. You can create up to 200 users on your Virtual Server and therefore give POP3 accounts and ftp access to your clients. You can also install your own majordomo and server mailing lists from your Virtual Server, ideal for lists large and small Majordomo is feature rich and extremely reliable.

Prepare for e-commerce with the proven secure webserver ApacheSSL, we can set you up and register a secure certificate with Thwate in South Africa for a 150 set-up fee and you just pay a yearly fee of 99. You may require multiple IP addresses (you will need them if you require additional SSL certificated domains, these can be added for a one-off fee of 65. For those with Multimedia demands, you may want to install a RealServer G2 - for a one-off fee of 200 you can support live and on-demand RealAudio and RealVideo. The license for the Basic G2 Server is free for non-commercial use, just visit the Real Networks site to register for a key and we will upload the installation files that are compatible with our system. Alternatively mix the best of both worlds by complementing your Virtual Server with one of our Gold or Platinum accounts.

Total support for your Virtual Server(s)
You may report support issues to our technical team by email - to - and via the web based Support Tracking System (in the Support Section). If your query is urgent, you can call our support team on +44 (0)1505 706000.

To help you administer your Virtual Server, we recommend you browse our technical support area, where you'll find answers to the most common web hosting queries, plus links to other useful sites.

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