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Bronze Plan Hosting

We can forward traffic for your domain straight to your existing web site, which might be with your ISP or a free provider such as GeoCities. We also support forwarding to a static IP address*. Most users make use of our "stealth" forwarding service, which means that your domain is kept in the address bar.


E-mail forwarding

We will set-up a "catch-all" forwarder for your domain so that anything@yourdomain will be forwarded direct to your inbox. In addition you can five additional aliases. You might want to have different addresses for work, home, holiday, or other family members and friends.

We also allow you to set-up an auto-responder, this means whenever someone sends an e-mail to you they get a reply back straight away! This might be useful if you are going away on holiday or for passing on information automatically.

E-mail to your mobile
Using the bronze forwarding service you can have e-mail forwarded to your phone, set it up so sms@yourdomain is forwarded to, you could also have all your personal domain mail forwarded to both your existing address and your phone*!

* Check with your phone service provider for availability

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