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Email forwarding - how does it work ?

When you buy email forwarding you tell us your normal email address provided by your ISP and the name(s) you want before the @ sign.

To take advantage of email forwarding you must retain your normal email address because we do not replace it we duplicate it.

We offer Email forwarding for 15.00 + VAT per Year if taken with registrations, otherwise it costs £20.00 + VAT per Year...

What happens next ?

When an email is sent to you at this address it arrives at our server farm. Instantaneously it is redirected to your original address. Or various addresses if you want multiple email forwarding.

Should you decide to change your ISP all you do is email us with your new email address and we will change your records - as many times as you wish.

The software used by most ISPs also allows you to send email with your new address printed on it. Just email us stating the mail package you use - eg. Outlook or Microsoft Mail - and we will email you simple instructions on how to do this.

It really is that simple!

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Email forwarding How does it work?
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