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Registration Fees

Once you have completed the on-line registration form we register the domain name on your behalf with the appropriate body. Included in this process three named contacts must be given, for billing, administration and technical purposes. To make the whole process trouble free we take on these roles free of charge.

As part of the procedure your domain name is registered by either Nominet, the British registration body, or the Internic, the U.S registration organisation administered by Network Solutions Inc on their databases.

Once recorded we hold the name on our servers, again at no cost. The details are then propagated around the Internet so that it can be found by anyone sending email to you or looking for your web site.

To keep your domain 'live' the registration bodies charge you, though us, an annual registration fee.

The logical way to do this is every year. Unfortunately logic does not apply here. Network Solutions invoices its clients after two years and then every subsequent year. Nominet on the other hand bills every two years for two years fees in advance.

To simplify matters we spread the costs over a regular period. Following the initial fee for the domain the only payment you will be asked to make is 19 plus VAT** per year to cover the registration fees and administration charges. We will send you the first of these invoices twelve months following the date of registration.

You can be billed independently by Nominet for the registration fees. However, they will charge you every two years for two years fees in advance, at 40 plus VAT (47 inc VAT) per year, unless you are a member of the organisation. Membership is open to anyone at a cost of 500 plus VAT (587.50 inc VAT).

Network Solutions will also bill you independently if you chose. They do not levy additional costs but the process can be complicated.

Should you wish to handle your own annual fees and take on the roles of administration and technical contacts yourself please email us for details.

** Applies to .UK Domains Only.

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