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Why should you register your Domain Name?

There are two main reasons why so many domain names are being registered: Firstly, to use for email addresses. Although all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) provide an email address tacked on to their name, such an address says nothing about your company.

If you change your ISP you normally have to change your email address as well. But if you own your own name, then that name can stay with you for life - no matter how you are connected to the Internet.

When you consider that the introduction of Internet phones in the very near future will mean that people will give out their email address rather than a telephone number, then you can see just how attractive a personal, portable name-for-life really is.

Secondly, you may want to use the name of your company, organisation, club, products or brands as a web-site address. With the growth of Internet trade (world Internet usage is currently doubling every 100 days) it is vitally important that you register your own names before some one else beats you to it.

Since there is no restriction on who can register a name someone with a similar name to yours may already have taken the Domain Name you want.

Register today using our on-line registration form - before it's too late!

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