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What is a Domain Name ?

A Domain Name is the name by which an individual or organisation chooses to be known on the Internet. Once registered it is recognised globally and cannot be used by anyone else in the world.

A Domain Name costs 19.00** plus VAT (22.33 including VAT) to register including all Registration Fees.

What is the difference between a Domain Name, an Email Address and a Web Site?

The table below illustrate the differences:


Power Torches Limited Company Name Domain Name Email Address Web Site Address (URL)

The following is an example of a typical Internet identity, supplied by an ISP and how a suitable Domain Name is chosen.

Andrew Jones of Power Torches Limited is connected to the Internet via Compuserve, his ISP. They provide him with an email address as part of the connection package: for example.

This name, although of use, advertises the ISP's address every time he uses it.

Andrew decides to establish a more professional Internet presence for his company and wants the company name advertised every time he sends or receives an email.

So his ideal Domain Name is

This is made up by the name he wants to be known as PowerTorches and the fact that he wants to register his name in Britain:

Note - Domain Names cannot have any spaces in the text. These are either left out or replaced by a dash (-).

As a businessman he would benefit from our Corporate Email package with multiple email forwarding.

This would give the flexibility of unlimited email addresses such as:

More information is available in the Email Forwarding - How does it work?

** Applies to .UK Domains Only

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